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English Express teacher and students - there are opportunities to teach at the GLC

Community Opportunities

For more information on becoming a instructor, a volunteer or for info on upcoming classes, contact Erin, Program Coordinator at

Community Center Under Construction

Project Overview

The Gene Lucas Community Center will open Feb. 29th with McLean Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Celebration.The GLC will offer classes, programs and services for all members of the community. Rentals will be available in 2020. 

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Future home of the gene lucas community center coming 2019 water color image

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the GLC? Check out FAQ page or contact us at

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Look for our Otter @ the GLC 2020!
North Coast Otters Project

North Coast Otters is a public arts initiative that provides an accessible opportunity to explore our connection with nature through engagement with the river otter. The project was developed by Humboldt State University to increase awareness about the health of the rivers as scientists study the watersheds by tracking the number one predator, the otter. Humboldt County residents and tourists are encouraged to participate in the scavenger hunt to find and visit all the otters in the area beginning Summer 2020.