Heart of The GLC

The Gene Lucas Community Center is more than just a recreation center.

It is a place to cultivate healthier communities by offering programs and services for everyone. A common public space is core to providing opportunities for people to meet a variety of neighbors that are outside of their personal and professional circles.

To grow and strengthen our community we need to know all our neighbors and learn from each other. When we act together on matters of common interest, we can make a stronger impact on the health and well-being in the Eel River Valley. That is the heart of the GLC: to be the gathering place to socialize, connect, learn, and just be.

Know Your Neighbor, Grow Together


The Gene Lucas Community Center is dedicated to supporting people of all ages in the Eel River Valley in the pursuit of art, education, health and wellness. 



The GLC will cultivate a healthier community by providing programs, services, and natural spaces that foster human connections and expand opportunities for all members of the community.



Collaboration: Expanding strategic relationships with people, organizations, and businesses to build full and rewarding community experiences.

Excellence: Creating a dynamic learning experience that embodies a culture of personal growth and learning through innovation and cooperation.

Integrity: Leading with integrity in every action and operating our facility within an environmentally responsible framework.

Gratitude: Honoring the history of the Eel River Valley and sincere appreciation of our dedicated sponsors, staff and volunteers.

 Providing a welcoming space to ensure all visitors are treated with dignity and compassion.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

-Coretta Scott King

Gene Lucas Community Center